Sunday, August 24, 2014

San Francisco, 1995

Fool enough to walk up from Union St. to Tea & Company on Fillmore.  Comme des Garçons parfum. Gray VW Rabbit convertible with the top down, which led to the loss of my blue angora Cynthia Rowley sweater. I can't remember if it was baby blue or dark blue anymore.  I remember the nervous eyes, and all the killer poodles in Alta Plaza Park, giggling, evading.  Watching the Hale-Bopp from his rooftop. Amazingly bright even in the April twilight. Magical. Places long gone, people long lost, pale shadows waving form the past.

Edinburgh, 1995

Royal Physician's Hall.  Scottish-American wedding.  First taste of elderflower.  Stealing kisses in a broom closet. Wandering alone through the empty halls and 2 story-libraries of medical books. Whirling circles of céilidh, spinning, spinning, faster, and faster.  Forth rail bridge in the distance.  Flying in to Edinburgh, watching brown rabbits hopping in the tall green grass out my tiny airbus window.