Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm Only Blogging When It Rains

I have returned to the land of smoked butter and...surprisingly pleasant weather.  Unlike my last visit, I no longer need to check the weather every hour to see how it schemed to torment and (eventually) kill me.  It's been overcast and occasionally rainy, but not full-on stormy. People told me a thunderstorm occurred on the night I arrived, but I was dead asleep through my double-glass windows.  Thanks to warmer weather, I am much more happier walking around and wandering, and doubly pleased that I somehow remembered how to return to some of my favourites from my last trip (here's looking at you, Thoroughbred and Monkey's Paw).

The team I work with doubled in size. It's a proper team now, but with sadly, the worst chairs in the biz to work from.  Every single person (new/old) told me about how much they want a decent chair to work in, to the point where I feel like starting a fund for them.

Most people are surprised that a lumpy old lady like yours truly enjoy watching sports. This week's been an embarrassment of riches (FIFA Women's World Cup, NBA Finals, Giants regular season), and I find myself glued to the bar counter of my hotel almost every night. Thankfully, the hotel is rooting for the right team, and we found ourselves commiserating over the tight game on Sunday.

I've had to change my habits a lot lately. This seems to be the theme for 2015.  I'm a little shaken by the recent hospitalization of two of my colleagues, not to mention my own demon to battle now with my recent diagnosis. It's sobering, and frankly, a fucking pain, to not be able to live like you want to, but I'm lucky I'm at a point where things are manageable.  It makes me conscious, more alert, and I guess, more deliberate and less flip about things. 
I'm sitting next to a Cavs fan. This is going to be a long night.