Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The London Chronicles: British Marketing = Amaze

As a fan of British mystery,  I've been wondering when I'll get to see people running after villains or discover hidden stairways between bookcases, but so far that hasn't happened yet. Instead, there's a ton of US cop shows (like NCISEIOIO or Law & Order.  Come on, US lawyers don't even wear wigs! Boring!). The corpse is greener on the other side?  Something like that.  

So, there's not much action to report on a daily basis now that I've figured out the transport (just roll with it) and working in between. I am trying not to eat at the same place twice, but I might have to break that rule already as my coworker took me to the best gelateria in town.  Bocca Di Lupo (mouth of the wolf), apparently one of the best Italian places in Soho, has a gelato store across the street.  I had a mint stracciata and pumpkin cinnamon, and ate it before I took any photographic evidence. It was heaven.  I'm pretty sure I'll fill the buy 10, get 1 free card pretty quickly (and how cute is their graphic design!?).
Next flavour: Licorice & Salted Caramel 
It seems like there are more coffee places than tea shops.  Soho has some great ones. Nude, which is on the same block as my office, is great, and there are gorgeous girls who work there (and in-office crushes to match). Monmouth Coffee is crowded but also really good. I didn't think I'd buy beans in London, but I might have to.  I also have my order down (Flat White, 1 sugar).  Nude girls make it with sugar, and Monmouth makes you add it later.

Last night, after wandering the streets with my ever-patient coworker who took me to a pinxos place for dinner, we walked up and down Oxford Street to look at the Christmas windows.  Wow. I've never seen so much glitter (glass glitter, I think) in one place.  Selfridges had a fairy tale theme, while John Lewis had their famous penguins.   I learned about the meerkats, too.  British Marketing = Amazing.

Side note :  My dress code in London is "villain". I studied the Jaguar ads, so now I'm an expert. My stylish coworker hugged me upon arrival and said "You're assimilated",  so I think I blend in. But, wow, people definitely dress differently here. I dress about as sexy as a piece of cardboard compared to the ladies here, who teeter delicately on pinheels and have theatre-ready makeup, leaving a cloud of perfume in their wake.  You'd probably really stand out like that at 1st & Market, but on Tottenham Court Road, you'd be part of the scenery.  The men here are not afraid to wear color (pink, watermelon, sky blue, duck yellow, are acceptable pants colors here. Not just yacht pants), or mix and match patterns. It's really daunting. I prefer to wear black and work behind the scenes.

My favorite window, with Rodarte Star Wars dresses! 
Ridiculously huge meringue

Islington Fire Station. A study in symmetry and accordion

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  1. Full disclosure: the office here is mainly marketing folks, so I'm learning just how powerful it can be. It's very interesting.