Monday, November 10, 2014

The London Chronicles Week 1.5: Learning the Language

I'm doing what any alien would do when they're thrown into new surroundings - watching TVelly and picking up local customs and languages. 
t-5 seconds to pronouncing her name  
Here's what I've learned so far. 

"I'm shattered" - 3 EMT trainees from the Midlands said this after their shifts, so I assume this means they're tired, not devastated. Or both. 

"cracking" - The weather forecaster cheerfully announced "It's going to be a cracking day!".  I assume this means I need to hurry? Get cracking? Get crack to get cracking? 

Also, there's an onslaught of Christmas commercials on repeat, because there's no 'merican buffer of Thanksgiving in existence here.  So we just go straight into the magic and sparkle of Christmas. This M&S ad was cute the first time I saw it, but after viewing it 50 times you wonder where the other faeries are, and why they still use timecards. 

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